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Folk Extreme

Folk Extreme is an organisation of experimental folk music based in Tampere, Finland. Folk Extreme’s core activities concentrate on programme sales and producing performance arts. Folk Extreme’s artists are creative, open-minded and internationally compelling makers of art who export music, dance and film all over the world with fair winds.

Folk Extreme produces programming in festivals, concert halls, theatre stages, film auditoriums and private events. The artists of the community are sought-after composers, choreographers, educators, performers and lecturers. You can enquire about tailored programming to e.g. private events at the Folk Extreme office at info@folkextreme.fi.

The artists’ merchandise products e.g. t-shirts, cassettes and records are for sale in the web shop.

Folk Extreme collaborates with a number of cultural operators e.g. with Music Finland, Finland–Russia Society, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Tampere. The community’s headquarters are located in Tampella in central Tampere.

Folk Extreme is a community of experimental folk music founded in 2014 by a group of Finland’s leading professionals of folk music and dance in order to create a novel production model where every member's know-how is also available to all others.

Projects in 2014-2020

  • Yöjuoksu tour
  • Adoption activities at the Osmonpuisto bandstand
  • Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Lakkautettu kylä tour
  • Russia collaboration
  • Key export project by The Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Jussi & Jussi short musical at Theatre Telakka
  • Theatre collaboration