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Silja Palomäki

Silja Palomäki is a South Ostrobothnian singer and musician who treads a strong musical path in folk music. The singer’s hands also play the harmonium, kantele harp, clarinet, recorders and ukulele. She has graduated as a folk music pedagogue (2009) and with a Master in Music degree from the Sibelius Academy in Finland (2016). Palomäki works in the field of music versatilely as a musician, teacher and producer. Palomäki has distinguished herself in the national Konsta Jylhä and Spelit singing competitions.

Bands and projects: Lakkautettu kylä, Iskusävel-orkesteri, Juurikadun orkesteri, Kikka-Silja Ystävineen and Tampereen ukuleleorkesteri

Musician on albums:
Lakkautettu kylä (2015)
Juurikadun orkesteri (2010)